Chopstraw Set

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Experience food like never before!

  • Chopstraws are the game-changing new way to enjoy your favourite noodles & broth at the same time!
  • Bite down on some noodles, gently sip some broth, and let the flavours blow your mind!
  • What if my broth is too hot? Always be careful with any hot food, but if it’s safe to sip with a spoon, it’s safe to sip with Chopstraws!

    The best chopsticks you’ll ever use!

    • Grip slippery food with ease thanks to square tips & laser etching!
    • Eat in style & replace single-use bamboo with premium stainless steel!
    • Did you know? Some bamboo chopsticks are treated in harmful chemicals that can leak into your food!

      Time for a drink? You’ve got 2 straws!

      • Your lips will love the delicate mouthfeel of Chopstraws rounded edges!
      • Sip your way to a more sustainable future & say no to plastic straws!
      • Did you know? Billions of plastic straws end up in our oceans every year!

        Also, they’re super easy to clean!

        • Chopstraws are dishwasher safe, easy to rinse, & come with a free brush for thorough cleaning!
        • Dining out? Simply wipe them down with your napkin after use & pop them back into your free travel bag, then wash at home!

          Each set includes: 

          • Pair of Chopstraws
          • Pair of ChopCollars
          • FREE Travel Bag
          • FREE Cleaning Brush

          Bite. Sip. Yum!